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    Bartram's Living Legacy: The Travels and the Nature of the South

    Date Published:
    Mercer University Press 2010

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    Ecoviews: Snakes, Snails, and Environmental Tales

    Date Published:
    University of Alabama Press 1998

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    Their Blood Runs Cold: Adventures With Reptiles and Amphibians

    Date Published:
    University of Alabama Press 1983

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    Feature writer of ecology column for Spectator (quarterly magazine), 1982-1986.

    Contributing editor for Delta Airline's Sky Magazine (monthly publication), 1981-1985.

    Feature writer for EnviroSouth (quarterly environmental magazine). Published . 2-4 popular ecology articles each year, 1978-1989

    Newspaper columns (more than 1000 articles from 1972-2006) - "Ecology Beat", Du Pont Company's "Savannah River Plant News"; "Ecology Today," and "EcoViews", Aiken Standard (South Carolina), Athens Banner Herald (Georgia), Tuscaloosa News (Alabama), New York Times Regional Newspaper Group distribution.