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    What We Hold in Our Hands: A Slow Road Reader

    Date Published:
    May 2009

    In this bigger, faster, throw-away world, Fred First focuses his writer?s lens on the smaller, slower, more permanent riches that are attainable and that we need reminding of in our days on the far side of the Hurry Decades.

    From his vantage point in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, the author elevates the simple and local in a way that will bring a smile, a raised eyebrow, or nod of affirmation. This unique view of the world will be appreciated by fellow biology watchers, grandparents, rural dwellers or wannabes and by those simply seeking a pleasant place to ponder a few minutes before bedtime.

    This is a book of considerable variety, to be picked up often and digested in short bites. Organized into ten parts, each contains portions that range from the personal to the local to the global and back again, crafting a shape and flow to the almost one hundred personal revelations and stories, lyrical prose pieces
    and light-hearted homilies.

    Conversational in tone, the topics simultaneously teach and entertain, search and guide. It is perhaps in the questions the author asks us to ask ourselves about how we relate to each other and the planet that this field excursion of one man?s domain becomes especially worthy of the reader?s notice.

    The 6? x 9? volume is illustrated with more than fifty of First?s photographs, with a link in the book to a permanent gallery of these same images in color, plus many additional pictures from his home in Floyd County. An annotated audio version may also be forthcoming.

    Information about Fred?s books and photographic notecards is available at goosecreekpress.com and he invites readers to visit his daily photoblog at fragmentsfromfloyd.com

    What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader is the author?s second self-published book initially available by direct purchase from Goose Creek Press via the author?s web sites and at select locations near Floyd, Virginia. Slow Road Home is also available from these sources as well as from Amazon and other book vendors via the web and at goosecreekpress.com

    $17.95 from goosecreekpress.com
    ISBN 978-0-9779395-2-7
    phone: 540 651 4563

  • Book Cover

    Slow Road Home: a Blue Ridge Book of Days a "memoir of place"

    Date Published:
    Goose Creek Press 2006