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Thomas Hallock


(727) 873-4954

U. South Florida St. Petersburg
140 7th Ave. South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Short Biography:
Thomas Hallock was born in the Northeast, moved around for many years, and settled in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2001. The author of several academic studies, he is currently at work on a series of narrative essays in literary criticism, tentatively entitled ?A Road Course in American Literature.?

Critical Description of Work:
Nature, Raymond Williams observed, is one the most slippery terms in the English language. With my writing I seek to restore words to things ? that is, to clarify the terms of our relationship to the object world and to one another. I don?t believe we can save the world through nature writing. What all good writing does, however, is renew perceptions. From there, we can trust others to act.